The Best of Forex With the Best of Perfection

The Best of Forex With the Best of Perfection

The success of the forex in recent years is not surprising. Indeed, the foreign exchange market has many advantages for traders which make it very attractive. Go4rex present you its assets in this article.

A market that never sleeps

Unlike other financial centers, the forex is open 24 hours a day from Sunday evening to Friday night. For the trader, this means he can trade whenever he wants. With this, it becomes very easy to combine trading activity and professional life.

A free market

As a general rule, forex brokers do not charge fees on trading transactions. There are also no brokerage fees, custody fees or account management fees. Brokers are paid through the spread, which is the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of a currency. Note, however, that some brokers charge commissions on transaction volumes.

A market protected from manipulation

Since Forex is the largest market in the world with more than $ 4 trillion traded daily, it becomes difficult to manipulate. The only economic actors capable of influencing it are the central banks and the trading room traders. It will therefore be necessary to follow these to know the future trends of the forex.

A market where one gains on the increases as on the declines

The principle of the forex rests on the fact of investing on the rise or the fall of a currency. In other words, since currencies are bought and sold in pairs, you have the opportunity to position yourself on both sides and thus bet on the rise or fall of a currency.

The Best of Forex With the Best of Perfection

A “predictable” market

When trading in equities, it can be seen that an analysis can be called into question by a senior company executive or the signing of a contract and this directly impacts the action on which we bend down. On the foreign exchange market, there is a precise schedule of announcements likely to cause a disturbance on the rate of currencies.

Losses on a forex account cannot be greater than the balance of the account since the closures of customer positions are automated in the absence of sufficient coverage. Each investor therefore has the opportunity to choose their leverage depending on their risk aversion and their search for yield.

The forex allows to seize opportunities of gains in case of rise or fall since it is possible to sell a currency (short) if the investor anticipates its decline and conversely to buy another currency if he anticipates its rise ( long). The profits are therefore achievable as well in case of rise as in case of decline.

Forex trading can be done from a very low capitalization (taking into account the leverage effect). Most brokers give the option of opening a margin account with a minimum deposit of up to $ 50. There are also forex account microphones or nanos forex account open on all exchanges.

One of the other advantages of Forex and currency trading is that forex brokers get paid through the spread (the margin between the buying and selling price) and do not take commissions (apart from the Go4rex brokers but which they have other advantages). Spreads between major currencies are very small.